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Paul Janssen
Pascack Reformed Church
Park Ridge, NJ

Sung to the tune "Rhosymedre"

Prepare the way for God; make straight the Lord's highway!
Let valleys be raised up, and make rough places plain!
Behold, the Lord God comes with might
to shepherd us and hold us tight, to cradle us with sheer delight.

Speak peace to us, O Lord, salvation is at hand!
We lift our hearts to you, and reverence your command.
Lord, may your glory bless this place,
your faith and justice fill all space, as righteousness and peace embrace.

Come, Lord, do not be slow; refine our hearts from sin.
Dissolve impure desires, and make us clean within.
Thus may we bless your holy name:
Cast our our violence, guilt, and shame! Baptize us with the Spirit's flame!