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Textweek was developed in the late 1990's using a version of Microsoft FrontPage, eventually combined with Cold Fusion. This is now software that is obsolete, not supported and probably soon will not be available to even use. Time marches on.

So, I am working toward putting Textweek into a format that will be current and useful for at least the next 10-15 years. This will take some time. Meanwhile, I will try to keep the index updated and list the new material that I can. Probably most of the links you find will be from last cycle. If you go to their homepage, you can probably find new material. If I get caught up and can't keep the right hand index current, go to the bottom of that right hand index, click on Year A and you will find an index for all of Year A.


I am the 61 year old now-single mother of two adult children. One is 27 and has severe autism. The other is 31 and has schizophrenia that is not currently correctly controlled. Some of that is her aversion to medication but part of it is mental health policies. (Please don't get me started. I will say bad words.) The 31 year old has a PhD from Harvard and really, really wants to present her first paper as first author at a conference coming up. I am doing all I can to help everyone to keep connections make that possible for her if it is safe, to help discern, and all of that. She worked very hard on that paper, but everyone concerned is also conceerned with her safety and the long term of her career and life in general. Many very good people are trying to help figure out what needs to happen and I am trying to coordinate their efforts. To put it frankly, I am exhausted.

As soon as the platform change for the website is made, I will be asking for help to update old links, etc. But right now, I am spending much time and energy with my "kids." I have every intention to create and update a new, easier to use Textweek, one that will read and look great in any browser of any size, including phones, etc. That will take some time. I have wonderful helpers. I am merely exhausted.

Believe it or not, I did not realize that emotional and physical stress would lead to cognitive stress! Some days, I literally cannot think! I could not imagine that this would happen, but it can! So, I am healing from a very rough 4 years ago, the stresses of which continue. I apologize and ask your patience. I can picture the new site - easy to use and more useful for the 2020's than the one that was created in 1997. Thank you for your patience.

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Thank you!


May the peace of Christ be with you,
and may your study be prayer.

Jenee Woodard